Polish language services in Scotland

Translation, interpreting, transcription and proofreading services. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Translation services


Our services can be described as fast, accurate, efficient and neat in terms of presentation. In one word, professional.

Our translation services include such areas, as:

Accounting & Finance / Certificates / Contracts / Education / Employment / Human Resources / Insurance / Internet / e-Commerce / Law / Medical / Pedagogy / Social Science / Sociology / Social Work / Tax / Tourism & Travel

We also have a vast experience in translating various interviews, questionnaires, journal articles, personal correspondence, as well as business, legal and other official correspondence.

Certified translation

United Kingdom is a common law country. Unlike in many civil law countries (such as Poland, Germany or France), the institution of ‘sworn translator’ is non-existent here.

However, there is a range of public services in the UK which require that translations of certain documents should be certified. The purpose of certifying a translation is to confirm the translator’s identity and his/her qualifications.

Certification is required for such documents as: diplomas and degree certificates, birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, divorce decrees, patents and other official or legal documents.

Baltica provides all types of certification and our translations are accepted by all institutions in Poland, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and other countries. We are also one of the few on the market able to provide you with sworn and notarised translations, as well as translations with Apostille authentication.


Baltica provides face to face, consecutive, telephone and simultaneous interpreting services (for meetings with a large number of participants, e.g. at court or during study visits, seminars and business negotiations).

We are experienced in working at institutions such as: Scottish Court Service, Tribunal Service, Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, Home Office, UK Visas and Immigration, Prison Service, National Health Service, Social Work, Police Scotland, BBC Scotland, housing associations, city and county councils, law firms, charities and many more.


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