Polish language services in Scotland

Translation, interpreting, transcription and proofreading services. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Other language services

Language tuition

Baltica offers individually-tailored language lessons to private students who wish to learn English or Polish. We cater for both adults and children and serve a variety of language levels. We can design the course content according to your requirements (e.g. General Polish, Advanced English, IELTS preparation) and we always work around the client’s schedule. We can offer lessons on a one-to-one basis or via Skype.


Transcription refers to writing down the contents of an audio or video file, either in the source language, the target language or both. In the first instance, the spoken language will be written down as it was recorded, without translating it. For example, if the original recording is in Polish, the transcript will also be in Polish. If the recording is in English, the transcript will be in English. This is called ‘untranslated transcription’. The second form, ‘translated transcription’, consists in translating the spoken language and writing it down. The transcript will be produced only in the target language. And finally, we can provide ‘parallel transcription’ which means that the spoken language will be written down in its original form, and then translated into the required language. The final transcript comes in two language versions – the original and the translated version.


Proofreading stands for verifying a translation in terms of its consistency in form and substance, and making necessary amendments. You can have your own translation or a translation obtained from another source checked. On request, Baltica can also ask an independent source to proofread the work that was performed by us. With regards to translations into English, we cooperate with a native speaker of the English language, who can check if the resulting text sounds fully natural and meets the highest standards of language use. With regards to translations into Polish, we can forward our translation to another professional translator, who will ensure that the work was done properly. We recommend this service especially in the instance of documents that are legally binding or when the form and the style of the text are of particular importance.

Website localisation

This service is aimed mainly at companies and businesses looking to expand and enter foreign markets. A strong website which conveys your message effectively to your target audience is a crucial aspect of this process. Using state-of-the-art software and our native speakers’ expert knowledge of languages, cultures and various industries, we can ensure your website is not only translated professionally, but also adapted to the local requirements of your end users.

If you would like to obtain further information about the pricing and the time needed to realise the above services, please contact us by telephone or email.


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