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Legal link

We believe that some of our non-English speaking clients might benefit from the services of a solicitor or a notary public. If individuals are unaware of their rights or unsure of what is involved in dealing with a solicitor then they will be unable to assert these rights or may become vulnerable to exploitation. We have therefore established relationships with Solicitors and Notaries Public with a view to enabling our clients to access legal advice.
The experience which we have both in relation to translating complex legal documents and interpreting with such institutions as the Scottish Court Service, the Employment Tribunal Service and the Social Security and Child Support Tribunals makes us ideally suited to act as a link between you and your lawyer.

The Solicitors we deal with have experience in dealing with a wide variety of legal issues including (but not restricted to) family / children, civil law, immigration and human rights, asylum, criminal law, mental health, employment, property law, landlord / tenant, notarising documents, divorce, executries, wills, residential conveyancing, consumer law, housing association law, compensation, incapacity law, powers of attorney, guardianships, accident claims and criminal injuries compensation. If the area of law you are interested in is not mentioned here then we would be happy to help you find a Solicitor who might be in a position to assist you. Government funding might be available to cover your costs provided you meet the eligibility criteria.

We are available to assist you at every stage of the legal process whether during meetings or in relation to assistance with documents. You are of course guaranteed full confidentiality and professionalism in relation to your dealings with ourselves and the Solicitor.

If you require clarification in relation to anything you have read please do not hesitate to contact us.


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